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Students interested in conducting research at the Intemnets Lab should email Gustavo Vejarano. There are limited funding opportunities in the form of research and teaching assistantships for both undergraduate and graduate students (see links below). Our graduate program has a thesis and a non-thesis option, and graduate students in the thesis option have higher priority for graduate assistantships.

Former and current graduate students:
  • Dhruvil Darji (MS, class of 2018), Thesis: "Counting and Locating Targets using Multiple Drones in Minimum Time and Messages"
  • Garrett Newell (MS, class of 2017), Thesis: "Human-Motion Transmission Power Control for Wireless Body Area Networks"
  • Thang Tran (MS, class of 2016), Graduate Seminar Project: "Prediction of Received Signal Strength from Human Joint Angles in Body Area Networks"
  • Dai Meng (MS, class of 2014), Thesis: "Improvement of the Measurement of Human Joint Angles using Quaternion Theory and Inertial Magnetic Units"

Former and current undergraduate students:

  • Sylvana Santos (BS, class of 2017), Undergraduate Research: "Diagnosing Pronation and Supination using Wireless Body Networks for Electromyography and Motion Capture"
  • Lucia Ramirez (BS, class of 2016), Undergraduate Research: "Diminishing Patient Noncompliance in Physical Therapy using Motion Capture Technologies"
  • Owen Dominguez (BS, class of 2014), Undergraduate Research: "Packet Loss Prediction for a Motion-Capture (MoCap) System"
  • Leonard Turcios (BS, class of 2014), Undergraduate Research: "Upper-Limb Motion-Capture (MoCap) Testbed"

  • Gustavo Vejarano, Associate Professor, EECS Department, Loyola Marymount University


Dhruvil Darji, 2017
Dhruvil Darji, 2017

                        Newell, 2017
Garrett Newell, 2017

Sylvana Santos, 2015
Sylvana Santos, 2015

Lucia Ramirez,
Lucia Ramirez, 2014

                        Tran, 2014
Thang Tran, 2014

Leonard Turcios, 2013
Leonard Turcios, 2013

Dai Meng, 2013
Dai Meng, 2013

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