Intemnets Lab
Intelligent  and  Embedded  Networks  and  Systems  Laboratory

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Creativity is a key characteristic that students should posses and develop. We believe that besides perseverance, hard work, and pertinence, creativity plays an important role in achieving success when doing research. Therefore, we emphasize on this characteristic and encourage its development. We do this by means of constructivist-learning techniques, which are used in the following courses:
  • ELEC-699 Wireless Network Applications (Independent Studies)
  • ELEC-698 SS: Wireless Sensor Networks
  • ELEC-698 SS: Machine Learning
  • ELEC-698 SS: Image Processing
  • ELEC-621 Information Theory and Coding
  • ELEC-598 SS: Wireless Networks
  • ELEC-584 Introduction to Microprocessors II
  • ELEC-532 Probability and Random Processes
  • ELEC-521 Introduction to Communication Systems
  • ELEC-424 Communications II
  • ELEC-423 Communications I

Intemnets Lab, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Loyola Marymount University
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